Our Story

Makeup and skincare have always been more than just hobbies for me; they are my obsession, my love, and the ultimate source of joy. From endlessly watching TikTok and YouTube videos to experimenting with DIY tips and tricks, I eagerly dove headfirst into the mesmerising world of beauty.

As I began creating my own ASMR skincare videos and makeup tutorials on TikTok, I realised that I was not alone in my fascination. Many others were curious about the products I used and how to get them. My inbox overflowed with messages from people eager to get their hands on these products. However, I noticed that in Sri Lanka, accessing a wide range of makeup and skincare products posed a challenge. The limited availability left many disheartened, struggling to keep up with international beauty trends.

It filled my heart with joy to be seen as a trustworthy source, knowing that I tried and tested every product in my videos. The empowerment I felt knowing that my enthusiasm inspired others to embrace their unique beauty was immeasurable.

Driven by my passion and the desire to make a difference, “ByNuvira” was born – a platform where all beauty enthusiasts could access a diverse range of international skincare and makeup favourites, including the trendsetting K-beauty products. My goal was to ensure that the transformative magic of these products reached the doorsteps of every Sri Lankan.

I carefully curated each product, guaranteeing authenticity and quality. This endeavour was a labor of love and dedication to the beauty community.

“ByNuvira” with its user-friendly interface, island-wide quick deliveries, and a plethora of payment options, I aimed to cater to every need of my cherished fellow beauty enthusiasts.

I warmly encourage any feedback, suggestions, and ideas because I believe that together, we can create something truly special. This platform is a haven for beauty enthusiasts, where they can explore, discover, and indulge in the very best of skincare and makeup.

Thank YOU for being a part of our story, where every smile of satisfaction, every newfound confidence, and every empowered heart finds its unique beauty.

Welcome to ByNuvira, where true beauty thrives, and dreams are brought to life!